Below is part of our complete collection of ways to save water in your home right now which are very, very easy to do!

This collection relates to saving water within the kitchen of your home.

Start using these ways which are very simple to reduce your home’s water usage to start saving money now!

1 Collect Water Used to Rinse Things for Plants
2 Don’t Use Water To Defrost Frozen Food
3 Full Dishwasher Loads
4 Put Water Jug In Fridge vs Running Tap
5 Scrape, Don’t Rinse, Food Scraps from Plates
6 Soak Pots/Pans While Scraping vs Running Water
7 Turn Off Water While Hand Washing Dishes
8 Use Compost or Green Bin, Not Sink Garburator
9 Use Cooled Down Veggie Water for Plants
10 Use Lettuce Spinner vs Washing Under Faucet
11 Use One Glass for Day’s Drinking Water
12 Use Water From Boiled/Steamed Veggies as Broth
13 Use Water From Meal Glasses For Plants
14 Use Water in Kettle for Plants vs Down the Drain
15 Wash Dishes in Basin In Sink vs Sink
16 Wash Fruits/Veggies in Pan vs Running Tap


When you have started to use as many from this collection as you want, then move on to another collection on this or any path within the SavingsGrid.

If we have missed a way to reduce any form of energy or water in a home, please let us know and we’ll add it to the Grid for everyone to use. Simply add a comment here or send an email to .

We are all in this together to help each other here in the SavingsGrid.


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