Strategies and Tactics

There are hundreds and hundreds of money saving ways to reduce the energy used in your home.

This is the area within your SavingsGrid where we want to encourage you to tell others about your own successes.

By sharing your money saving successess to reduce your home’s enegy usage you can help others be motivated and supported to be successful for themselves.

  • Which strategy or tactic has worked the best for you?
  • Why?
  • Was it easy or hard to do?
  • What should others know before they try the same successful energy saving strategy or success?

Whether it already exists in the SavingsGrid or not, we want to hear from you so others can benefit from your successes.

Help support and motivate others to achieve your success in saving money through reduced energy (electricity, heating or air cooling) in your home by leaving a comment on your strategy or tactic related successes as well as commenting on others.

Want to tell others about an energy saving product or service you really like? Tell them here in the Energy Savings Products and Services page.


Speak Your Mind



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