Energy Saving

There are so many ways to save energy at home it can be a little over whelming; it can also be hard to know where to start in a way that makes sense to you and your family.

That is why you can select a particular money saving path to reduce your home’s energy or water usage from within your SavingsGrid.

It is the same with successes.

There are so many ways to achieve small, medium or large successes.

It can be a little overwhelming that everyone else seems to be having so much success in saving their money through reducing their home energy or home water bills that you might give up in frustration before you start to start saving your money.

Energy Saving Strategies / Tactics vs Products / Services

We thought to begin we would provide two area where you can help others to reduce their home’s energy usage by recording your successes, small or large, on one of two pages.

The Energy Saving Strategies and Tactics page is where we can leave comments, comment on others previous comments, etc. on specific strategies or tactics we have used to successfully reduce heating, electricity or air conditioning usage in our home.

Yet, there is nothing like having a friend recommend a good product or service they have used are are happy with; in other words, word of mouth.

So, the Energy Saving Products and Services page is where you can tell others specific products or services you use which actually work to save you money by reducing energy used in your home.

So, here are your links into the Energy Saving Successes within your SavingsGrid:


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