No one achieves success of any type on their own.

There are always others involved who directly or indirectly helped to support or inspire our own successes.

The Successes area of your SavingsGrid is meant as the starting point for people just like you to help motivate, inspire and educate others on how you achieved your own successes in saving money by reducing the quantity of energy and water consumed in your own home.

It can be a small success, a large success or any where in between.

The idea is that by sharing with others we provide another path which others can follow to be successful themselves.

And, if by our successes others use the same electricity saving, home heating reducing, home air conditioning lowering or home water usage conserving technique / product which you used to achieve your success then we all win.

How Do We All Win?

If we help to motivate, support, encourage, etc. others success in saving their money by reducing their energy and / or water bills, then we win because the environment in which we all live will be cleaner to our collective benefit.

So, I encourage you to continue within this area of your SavingsGrid to take a minute or two to record in the appropriate area’s comments your successes, read about the success of others, and so on to all our mutual benefit.

Success creates success.

We can’t loose in the here in your SavingsGrid. We can only win!

Now, don’t start leaving comments about your success just yet.

To help organize our individual successes, lets first group them by energy and water. So, proceed to one of the two following page here within your SavingsGrid:


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