We have had people ask us if they can purchase for themselves our collection of money saving energy reducing or water conserving ideas for the home.

So, we have begun to put them together in eBook format and opened a simple SavingsGrid WebStore; but not just any eBook format.

These inexpensive eBooks (sample shown below) are actually also workbooks through which you can easily, quickly and very simply:

  • review our entire collection to date for the energy or water savings area of focus
  • self assess your own home’s current energy or water usage activities
  • revisit in the future (days, weeks, months, etc.) how your household is progressing with its energy or water savings efforts


(click above sample workbook page to expand size)

These eBooks are also be great tools for primary or secondary schools to use to teach students:

  • how to reduce the amount of energy or clean water which is wasted
  • how easy it can be to save energy and clean water

These eBooks are also great resources for any company or organization to offer its employees or members to:

  • support the company’s or organization’s enviornmental positioning efforts
  • demonstrate the company or organization’s support of its employees or members

You can obtain copies of our ever growing energy or water saving eBook collection here at the SavingsGrid WebStore.

As always, feedback is welcome!


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