Below is part of our complete collection of electricity saving ideas to use in your home right now!

Reducing your electric bill month after month will save you more of your money.

This collection relates to the many different ways you can achieve small savings in your kitchen. The savings may be small for any one of these electricity savings ideas, but collectively they can quickly add up to significant savings for you.

Start using these ways to reduce your home’s electricity usage to start your saving money now!

1 Clean Refridgerator Coils
2 Clean Refrigerator Coils Periodically
3 Disconnect Microwave Bulb
4 Full Dishwasher Loads
5 If Fridge Not Full, Place Water Bottles Inside
6 Keep Dishwasher Drain Clear of Food Scraps
7 Keep Freezer Full
8 Place Freezers / Refridgerators in Basements
9 Place Refridgerator Away From Stove
10 Put Microwave on Power Bar
11 Put Microwave on Switched Outlet
12 Raise Freezer Temperature
13 Raise Refridgerator Temperature
14 Refridgerators With Top/Bottom Freezer Preferred
15 Replace Toast With Bread / Dry Cereal
16 Replace Worn Seals on Refrigerators
17 Soak Dishes In Sink Overnight
18 Take All Meal Items From Refridgerator at Once
19 Toaster vs Electric Oven
20 Transfer Several Days of Food Freezer To Fridge
21 Use Garbage Disposal Less
22 Use Hand Opearated Can Opener vs Electric


When you have started to use as many from this energy saving collection as you want, then move on to another collection on this or any path within the SavingsGrid.

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We are all in this together to help each other here in the SavingsGrid.


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