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Below is part of our complete collection of ways to save electricity in your home right now that will cost you nothing!

This collection relates to electricity use in a home office.

1 Computer Standby Mode
2 Don’t Leave Computer On All Day
3 Place All Home Office Electronics on Single Power Bar
4 Put Fax Machine on Sleep Mode
5 Put Printer on Sleep Mode
6 Put Scanner on Sleep Mode
7 Turn Off Home Office Equipment When Not in Use
8 Unplug Home Office Equipment At Night/Weekends
9 Unplug Home Office Equipment When Not in Use


Start using these ways which cost you nothing to reduce your home’s electricity usage to start saving money now!

If we have missed a way to reduce any form of energy in a home, please let us know and we’ll add it to the Grid for everyone to use. Simply add a comment here or send an email to Dan@SavingsGrid.com .

We are all in this together to help each other here in the SavingsGrid.



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