This collection of home maintenance related air conditioning saving tips for homes is part of our complete collection of ways to save air conditioning costs in your home right now.

Reducing your electric bill month after month will save you more of your money.

Not attending to even a few of these actions to properly maintain your home can cause the inside area to become warmer; this of course makes your window or central air conditioner run more, using more electricity and thus costing you higher electric bills in the summer. Over time that can add up to a lot of your money leaking out of your house.

Start using these energy saving actions for some savings to reduce your home’s electricity usage to start saving money now!

1 Clean Air Registers, Baseboard Heaters Periodically
2 Ensure Storm / Screen Doors Work
3 Insulate Air Ducts
4 Keep A/C Full of Freon for Efficient Operation
5 Keep Furniture & Rugs Away From Air Vents
6 Seasonally Adjust Light/Heavy Drapes
7 Seasonally Change Ceiling Fan Direction
8 Use Heat-Resistant Vent Reflectors 
9 Window vs Central AC


When you have started to use these ideas for greater air conditioning and electricity savings from this collection as you want, then move on to another air conditioning saving collection on this or any path within the SavingsGrid.

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