Below is the Air Conditioning-Frequency-Habits savings grid.

This grid is your gateway to access the 64 great habits to achieve cost savings on your electric bill by reducing the amount of air conditioning used in your home .

Yes, much of the media will have you think that it is hard, really hard, to do anything during the summer other than cranking up your air conditioner and paying lots and lots of money in huge electric bills.

That is just not true; starting with a few great and easy habits, then adding a few more each day will see you quickly and significantly reduce air conditioning waste in your home and save money on your electric bill.

We have organized these energy conserving money saving ideas for you by the primary source of air conditioning wasteage.

Air conditioning use in the summer can be extremely costly, expecially if your local electric utility has time of use rates and / or electric rates which cost more the more you use.

As well, many of these costly ways to reduce air conditioning costs are 2-for-1′s in that they also will reduce the amount of your heating bills in the winter!

The areas within the grid are active when they contain a green check mark. The currently inactive areas are those with the ‘X’ that we are still working on activating for you.

Select the path you wish to take to achieve savings on your home’s electricity bills from air conditioning use this summer and every summer from within the SavingsGrid:

Great Habits to Air Conditioning Savings

Energy Savings  
Air Leaks Air Leaks Air Conditioning Savings Habits Collection  
Appliances Appliances Air Conditioning Savings Habits Collection  
Cooking Cooking Air Conditioning Savings Habits Collection  
Maintenance Home Maintenance Conditioning Savings Habits Collection  
Outside Outside Air Conditioning Savings Habits Collection  
Thermostat Thermostat Air Conditioning Savings Habits Collection  
Unused Rooms Unused Rooms Air Conditioning Savings Habits Collection  
Windows Windows Air Conditioning Savings Habits Collection  
All Inclusive All Inclusive Air Conditioning Savings Habits Collection  

If we have missed a way to reduce any form of energy in a home, please let us know and we’ll add it to the Grid for everyone to use.

Simply add a comment here or send an email to Dan@SavingsGrid.com .

We are all in this together, to help each other, here in your SavingsGrid


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