This listing of easy outdoors related air conditioning saving tips for homes is part of our complete collection of ways to save air conditioning costs in your home right now!

Reducing your electric bill month after month will save you more of your money.

Neglecting certain outside actions for your home can increase the temperature of the air inside; this of course makes your window or central air conditioner run more, using more electricity and thus costing you higher electric bills in the summer.

Start using these ways which very easy to do to reduce your home’s electricity usage to start saving money now!

1 A/C Unit Free From Grass / Weeds
2 Climbing Flowers on Exterior Wall
3 Climbing Vines on South / West Walls
4 Evergreen Trees on North Side of Home
5 Hold a Party Outside for Guests’ Body Heat
6 Outdoor cooking
7 Plant Insulating Shrub Barrier 1 Foot From House
8 Plant Shade Trees per Mature Sizing
9 Plant Trees Away From Power Lines
10 Plant Trees Away From Sewers
11 Plant Trees Away From Sunken Lines
12 Shade Tree on South Side of Home
13 Small Tree/Bush Beside A/C Unit
14 Use White Window Coverings To Reflect Sun


When you have started to use these electric bill reducing ideas for greater electricity savings from this collection as you want, then move on to another air conditioning saving collection on this or any path within the SavingsGrid.

If we have missed a way to reduce any form of energy in a home, please let us know and we’ll add it to the Grid for everyone to use. Simply add a comment here or send an email to Dan@SavingsGrid.com .

We are all in this together to help each other here in the SavingsGrid.


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