Which SavingsGrid Path To Take?

The SavingsGrid is a community and a collection of resources to support your efforts to save your money and the environment at the same time.

If you have followed the path provided to our newest members, you now have an understanding of:

  • the SavingsGrid,
  • our community’s logo and colors,
  • the significance of our logo’s green and blue leaves,
  • how reducing the amount of energy and water used in our homes directly impacts the environment in a positive way, and
  • the inter-relationships between air, soil and water…..oh, and our own monetary wealth!

Now it is time to start to choose your first path, start saving your money and positively impacting our environment.

Which SavingsGrid Path To Take?

There are many different paths you can choose within the Grid to arrive at the same energy and water savings destinations.

How you get there is up to you.

Which path, focus or route do you prefer to use less electricity, heating, air conditioning or water resources in your home to save you money?

  • Simple ways, regardless of the size of their impact?
  • No cost ways, regardless of their complexity?
  • Fast ways, regardless of their cost?
  • Habit changing ways, regardless of the frequency?

Any Path Is The Right Path

There is no wrong choice except in not making any choice to reduce your home’s energy and water usage.

Choosing no path in the SavingsGrid costs you money and costs the rest of us a dirtier environment in which to live and raise our families.

Start today; make the choice that is right for you. Feel free to change your path as many times as you wish.

Simply use the paths from the Energy Savings or Water Savings menus at the top of the page or select from an available area within the quadrant within our SavingsGrid.

Explore the SavingsGrid quadrant and start saving your own money today!


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