Focus on Saving

Our community’s focus is on the savings aspect of home expenses and of the environment all around us.

Our SavingsGrid logo, leaves and their green and blue colors all support this focus.

Yet, it is much more than simply saving a dollar here or there.


We Can Control What We Use and Consume

While you may not be able to control the per unit cost of energy or water used in your home, you can control how much you use.

The cleanest and most environmentally friendly amount of coal, home heating oil or natural gas which is burned to generate heat or electricity for your home is that which is never burned.

The safest amount of uranium used in a nuclear power plant to create electricity for a home is that which is never used.

The cleanest gallon of fresh water is that which is not consumed or polluted.

The easiest way to keep any amount of money you have is that which you do not spend.

The greatest immediate and long term success to changing habits of any kind is that which is supported by having ongoing access to knowledge, tools and ongoing community support.

Let’s Begin!

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