Green and Blue

Sure, everyone relates green to both money and to the environment

And yes, we are all here to support you in your efforts. Save your money by using less energy and clean water which will reduce your utility bills and save the environment at the same time is a win-win for everyone.

This double impact of saving your money and protecting the environment is the focus of SavingsGrid.

Yet there is another reason for the green and blue.

Green Impacts Blue and Blue Impacts Green

See the pair of blue leaves on the right of our logo? That was not an accident.

Remember, there is a strong connection between the air, grass, trees, bushes, flowers, etc. and water.

By reducing the amount of clean water we use, more clean water is available to use in the future by our family, friends and people we don’t even know.

As well, there will also be more clean water for the grass, trees, bushes, flower, grains, fruit, vegetables and all wild animals to use as well.

By reducing the amount of energy used in our homes, we reduce the need for oil, natural gas, uranium and coal to be burned and consumed by energy power generating stations or even directly from furnaces in our own homes.

The less of these natural resources which are consumed, the less harmful pollutants are emitted into the air. Pollution in the air is captured by rain drops as the fall from the sky.

The fewer harmful pollutants in the air, the cleaner will be the rain falling from the sky into our lakes, streams, rivers and oceans resulting in cleaner water for us all.

Green and blue; a direct connection within the SavingsGrid.

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