SavingsGrid Leaves

Previously we explained how the SavingsGrid logo is meant to support our community’s goals.

What about the pair of leaves at either end?

A leaf is a universal symbol, of course, for the environment.

We are concerned, as you are, about the environment; the air we all breathe, the clean water we all drink, the trees providing all of us both shade and oxygen, and so on.

Having two pairs of leaves, one pair at either end of our SavingsGrid logo, reminds us how:

  • Important a clean, usable environment is to all of us, and
  • Both our individual and collective actions impact our environment.

The two pairs of leaves also reminds us that using less energy means fewer nuclear, coal and natural gas power plants are needed to provide us with the energy we use in our homes and places of work.

The fewer the natural resource consuming, polluting and environmentally dangerous power stations we need to live, the reduced harmful impact on the air we all breathe, as well as the trees, the grass and the clean water we use.

Saving money through actions which also save the environment is a true win-win.

Conitnue to learn about how our community’s money and environment saving goals are supported by the colors in our SavingsGrid logo.

There’s more to it than you than you might think at first glance.


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