SavingsGrid Logo

You now know what your SavingsGrid community is all about.

How does the logo support the goals of our community?

We are quite proud of our SavingsGrid logo; it took us a while to get it just right.

The dollar sign in the middle of course represents money or dollars; your money and your dollars.

With the leaves at either end of the logo, the $ represents the positive financial impact to you from your actions and the actions of others in your home to reduce the amount of air, soil and water pollution caused by everyday activities.

Having the $ symbol part of the word Savings in our logo also indicates we are here to help support you in your efforts to save your money.

We will do this by focusing on the seemingly unlimited number of ways to reduce your home expenses, starting with your electric, air conditioning, heating, water heating and water related utility bills.

Yet, because our SavingsGrid is not just a about saving your money, the $ symbol is not the logo’s focus.

The use of the word Grid is meant to represent the many, many different ways to reduce home expenses.

Regardless of the path you take within your chosen Grid, which ever route is right for you to save your money will be the right path.

Continue here to about the leaves in our SavingsGrid logo.


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