Welcome to your SavingsGrid.

Are you pleased with the cost of your monthy electricity, home heating, air conditioning, water heating and clean waterr utility bills?

It is OK to admit that you need help. That is why we are here. Everyone can use a little or a lot of help every now and again.

Your SavingsGrid is here to help you save money by providing you with the information, ideas, tips and support you can actually use to lower your home’s energy and water bills.

If you are new to the SavingsGrid, select the logo immedately below to learn how you can help yourself reach your money and environment savings desires.

For returning members, welcome back and proceed to the SavingsGrid Quadrant for your chosen path to savings, or select a totally different savings path; the choice is yours.



  1. Dan says:

    Welcome to the SavingsGrid which we hope will you will come to think of as your SavingsGrid!

    We have one goal; to help everyone lower their home’s (house, apartment, condo, cottage, etc.) energy and water usage to both save money and help the environment.

    I welcome all your comments on how we can help you acheive these goals for yourself.

    Thank you,

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