Delta Faucet Canada Kitchen Faucet Contest – Enter Daily

Delta Faucet Addison Kitchen Faucet 9192T-SS-DST_ESCUTCH

Our related site,, is holding a 4 week long contest to give away one Delta Faucet Addison kitchen faucet. This is a premium kitchen faucet which retails for around $500 or more. It is perfect for those kitchen counters which only have one hold for a faucet; no need to drill additional holes for [...]


Do Not Ignore Saving Water Through Faucets

DeltaTouch2O xt

We wrote a few days ago about water saving technologies used in some of Delta Faucet and Brizo shower heads. We also wrote in that same article about some water usage data that we found interesting. For example:


Shower Heads Impact Water Savings

Comparing H2Okinetic Technology Shower Head

As part of attending the invitation only Delta Faucet Company Home Improvement / DIY Blogger 2011 event, there was of course some discussion on water saving features of the company’s Delta Faucet and Brizo (pronounced ‘Breeze-oh) product lines. As


Toilet Leaks – Fix For Both To Be Green And To Save Money

Toilet Tank Inside

We have had our fair share of toilet leaks in our current house. I am reminded of them whenever I see my water bill. Yet, if you don’t fix them as soon as you discover them you will waste your own money and waste clean water for everyone. It


86 No Cost Ways to Save Water At Home

Water Meter

We have just completed categorizing 86 ways to reduce the amount of clean water used in your home which cost nothing to do yet will save you money on your electric bills. They are available to you at no cost here at the SavingsGrid. If you are

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