Is the Colour Of My Roof Important?


Global warming is a big problem. Activists and scientists are constantly striving to find new ways to combat the issue but did you know that white roofs can minimise global warming? It has been revealed that white roofs in north-east India reflect the sun more, helping to cut carbon emissions. It was claimed that the [...]


Lowering Energy Costs In The UK


Editor’s Note: From time to time we entertain guest articles. Today’s guest article was written by J Iliopoulos. ++++++++++ A large number of businesses and households across the UK are up in arms over the co


Electricity Cost Saving Web Sites

Dollar Sign

There certainly is a lot of electricity cost saving information available through Internet web sites. There is also a lot of noise. It also seems that while the national pastime is complaining about politics, the weather, and our electric bill,


30 Easy Ways To Reduce Your Home Electric Bill

Smart Meter

When was the last time your electric rates went down? Of course our electric rates keep rising. So, what are you going to do about it? Can you somehow pay lower electric rates? Not likely, unless you take out a second mortgage and have solar


10 Easy Home Maintenance Air Conditioning Savings

Home Maintenance

Easy home maintenance steps  to help acheive air condtioning are not all about the window or central air conditioning units themselves. Yet, each one of them can make  your central or window air conditioning unit work less often and for a shorte


20 Easy Cooking Related Air Conditioning Savings Ideas


How much impact does cooking in your home have on your air conditioning bill? Have you ever thought about it? It can have a huge impact. Any time you use any appliance which generates heat, from the toaster to the burners on the stove to the


The Most Effective Free Ways To Lower Air Conditioning Bills

The most effective free ways to lower air conditioning bills. That is some claim. Prove it, you say. OK, I try. Most Effective What is most effective? To me, the term most effective means that these action steps you can take in your own


Cheap Ways To Lower Air Conditioning Bills This Summer

Air Leaks

If you have spent any time at all going through the different energy savings paths within the SavingsGrid you know that we have hundreds of ways for you to save money by lowering your electricity, air conditioning and (soon) heating utility bills.


Ignore These 15 No Cost Air Conditioning Savings Tips

Programmable Thermostat Open

Ignore these 15 air conditioning savings tips related to your thermostate if you don’t mind paying huge summer electric bills. Strange as it may sound, a lot of people don’t really care how high their home’s electric bills are in the summer. O


Power Bars With Built-In Timers Save Electricity and YOUR Money!

GE Timer Power Bar

The SavingsGrid Energy and Water Savings Giveaway for May 2011 has come and gone. We hope you participated. We hope you won one of the 20 prizes to help you reduce your electricity, or air conditioning, or heating, or water usage and save money.

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