SavingsGrid F.A.Q.’s

What is the SavingsGrid?

  • The SavingsGrid is here to support the efforts of you and thousands of others to save money and the environment at the same time.

Who can use the SavingsGrid?

  • Anyone can use the ideas in the SavingsGrid to save money by reducing their energy and water usage.

Where can the money saving energy and water conservation ideas within the SavingsGrid be used?

  • The money saving ideas in the SavingsGrid are primarily meant for you in a home; and by ‘home’ we mean a house, condo or apartment. They can also be used in a cottage or vacation property. As well, many of the ideas can also be used in small or large buildings of any size to save even more money.

When can I start using the money savings electricity, air conditioning, heating, water heating and water saving ideas from the SavingsGrid?

  • Now; right now. Simply select this link to access the SavingsGrid and then select the path you want to start reducing your home’s energy and water usage to start saving money.

How can I use the SavingsGrid?

  • See our detailed explanation of how to use the SavingsGrid and which path to take.

Where did the SavingsGrid obtain its money saving energy and water conservation ideas?

  • From thousands of people just like you and me who are trying to help their households save money every day in a variety of different ways, including reducing the amount of energy and water used in their homes.

Where can I order some of the SavingsGrid eBooks to help me save money, energy and water in my own home?

  • SavingsGrid eBooks will be available very soon.

How can I obtain all of the money saving home energy and water conservation ideas from all the paths within the SavingsGrid?

  • Once we have established the SavingsGrid for each of the initial 6 categories, we will create a Complete SavingsGrid Guide to Home Energy and Water Savings.

I am a teacher or school principal. Can I obtain copies of the SavingsGrid eBooks for use in my classroom or school?

Can anyone access and use the SavingsGrid?

  • Yes, absolutely. The majority of the money saving energy and water conservation ideas cost nothing to do and are so simple that anyone can do them.

How can I add money saving energy or water conservation ideas to the SavingsGrid?

  • Simply add a comment to any Successes page within any of the paths of the SavingsGrid and we will consider adding your suggestion to our collection of money saving energy and water conservation ideas.

My company has an energy or water saving product? How can I promote my product on

  • Contact Do be advised that we need to try out most energy and water savings products or services before we can mention them on to be sure that they work to conserve energy or water and save money.

My company is in the energy or water conservation market. Can I buy advertising space on

  • To financially support our site, we will have only a maximum of 2 advertisements on any page within However, you can contact for our rates.

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