Relying on Professionals

Back in 2007, our family decided to move to an old house which needed a significant renovation in almost every room. A family member’s special needs required we live in a bungalow. The only bungalow we could afford needed a lot of work.

This was the first time that we would be involved in a home renovation.

Before we purchased the house we had both a professional house inspector as well as the professional contractor go through the house. The house inspector found only that the roof might need replacing soon. The contractor said all the changes we needed to get done were doable in the house and could be done when we planned to move in.

Relying on Professionals Does Not Mean Sucess

The contractor finished two months after we moved in. The house inspector failed to recognize several deficiencies.

Two or three months after the contractor finally left we had major drywall cracks in the wall near the French Doors he installed. ‘Nothing could be done’ he said.

A few months later the new shower he installed started to leak into the finished basement. ‘No idea it would be leaking’ he said, but would not come over to investigate or fixed the situation.

Around this time we had a home energy audit by an accredited professional. He was all right, but as I came to learn later missed several energy wasting aspects of the house.

Sharing Our Experiences

We were so frustrated in being let down by ‘professionals’ that we began our own web site, DailyHomeRenoTips.com, to help educate others what to look out for in their own homes from our experiences.

No family should go through what we went through; yet, many seemed to have similar experiences and not know where to turn for help, guidance or support.

I asked the person who installed our kitchen, Bennett, to help locate and fix the cause of the shower leak. He took time to explain to me the cause and solution. You can read about his experiences in our Shower Water Leak Repair series on our first web site.

The Turning Point

Then I asked Bennett to help me install a solar air heater. The solar air heater would save my money through lower heating costs in the winter while using the furnace less to reduce the amount of pollution our home was creating.

As Bennett let me help install the solar heater, I realized that I was like most people when it comes to home repair and maintenance; even if we lack the confidence or experience, we can actually accomplish a lot ourselves to repair, maintain and make our home more energy and water efficient. Specialists and professionals have their place, sure; yet, we all need to be and can be more self reliant for so many things to save money.

I installed by myself exterior solar shades after the first winter on our south facing windows to significantly reduce the amount of air conditioning costs we had the previous summer. They worked out fantastic and more than 3 years later are still saving us a lot of money through reduced air conditioning usage.

I was actually able to repair the drywall crack by the French Doors, as well as many more drywall cracks repairs which appeared in our home. I think I did a pretty good job.

Home Energy and Water Savings

And I started to collect through our first web site hundreds and hundreds ways that other people told us they were using to save their money by reducing the amount of energy and water they used in their own homes.

You can see that collection, now twice updated, called Free Home Energy and Water Savings Guide. A lot of people refer to that collection of money saving through energy and water saving ideas. Yes, it is huge with over 500 individual ideas; a list that large is hard to use.


Out of all those experiences, we began the SavingsGrid to focus exclusively on energy and water savings. We wanted to share with others what we learned since others had helped us learn and contributed to the home energy and water savings collection.

We also wanted to learn of more ways we could also use, along with everyone else, to further reduce our energy and water bills to save more of our own money and lesson our carbon footprint (further reduce the amount of pollution our home creates through our reduced energy and water usage).

We hope that you find our site useful for your and your family to reduce your own energy and water usage to save your money and at the same time reduce the amount of pollution your home creates.

Do let me know on any of the pages within our SavingsGrid or be sending me an email (Dan@SavingsGrid.com) for any energy or water savings idea you are using which is not yet listed so we can share it with everyone else.
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