Insulation Helps You Make More Use of Your Garden Building

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Since the recession hit, more people have taken the plunge and started working from home on a permanent basis. This means that they need somewhere comfortable to work. If your office is within a garden building, then having it properly insulated will enable you to use the space all year round.

It might seem an easy solution to erect a garden building, but if you want to use it then you need to ensure it’s well insulated. If the building is too cold, then you’ll be forced inside during the colder months. This could mean having to move all your work and equipment into the house, which may not be practical due to space requirements. To avoid this, you should look into the different types of insulation available and what you would need for your building.


How does insulation help?

Insulation basically creates a layer of thermal insulation around your building, with a protective layer between the inside and the outside. An effective insulation system will help to stop heat escaping in the winter, as well as limiting the amount of heat that gets in during the summer. Therefore, your garden office should be lovely and warm when it’s cold outside and refreshingly cool through the warmer months.


What’s the best way to insulate your garden building?

This will depend entirely on your budget and how often you use the building. If you work in it every day from morning till night, then you should consider spending more on insulation. You need to keep the office at a comfortable temperature and it’s also important that any computers and electrical equipment don’t get too cold. However, if you only use the building on an occasional basis and your budget’s not large, you can probably choose a lower quality product. The properties won’t be as effective, but it’ll still keep it warm enough to use.

Insulation should be a key priority when you’re building a garden office. However, there are times when finances can be tight and you have to make some sacrifices. If your budget’s limited, then it’s best to start by insulating the roof. This is the area that suffers from the greatest heat loss, closely followed by the floors.


Make it feel like home

Working in a garden building helps you to separate your work life from your personal life. It’s also much cheaper than building an extension. However, you need to make it as comfortable an environment as possible. You won’t be able to work freely if you’re constantly bundled up in layers of clothing.

You don’t want your office to feel like a garden shed, so installing effective insulation and economical heating is a must before you begin working in it. Make sure you have warm flooring too, but this needs to be easily cleaned and able to withstand a lot of foot traffic.


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