Lowering Energy Costs In The UK

Editor’s Note: From time to time we entertain guest articles. Today’s guest article was written by J Iliopoulos.


A large number of businesses and households across the UK are up in arms over the cost of gas and electricity are concerned about how much they’re being asked by their current energy suppliers to pay for their monthly bills. May customers dissatisfied with the amount they’re paying for energy, not to mention other issues such as poor customer service might consider switching to another supplier offering a cheaper deal. However, the process of switching can be long, arduous, and in some cases, ultimately fruitless.

Fortunately, moves have been made by the energy industry regulator Ofgem to make it easier for consumers to switch supplier, while they have also asked some of the country’s biggest energy suppliers such as British Gas and EDF to increase the debt levels allowed for customers to move elsewhere. The second move means that customers using prepayment meters with debts of £500 can switch, up from the previous limit of £200, helping some 300,000 who use those meters for gas and electricity payments.


Many customers who owe their current suppliers money for whatever reason won’t have to worry as much about the level of debts they have, especially if money is tight. This move by Ofgem has been welcomed by customers with prepayment meters, who want to pay what they can while also being able to keep an eye on how much energy they use. Consumer groups including energy saving experts Make it Cheaper were also enthusiastic about Ofgem’s move:

“We have campaigned for energy companies to make it easier for indebted customers to move to other suppliers in order to get a cheaper deal, and the news from Ofgem is most welcome. We would like to see two simple measures implemented to make billing much easier to understand, and already have the backing of E.ON and CNG, who are changing the ways they bill their customers. Also, we believe that end dates on contracts being made clearer is beneficial to small businesses who want to save money and look for a better energy deal whenever they can.”

Companies who use prepayment meters with energy suppliers who agreed to the move from Ofgem are sure to benefit. They’ll be able to switch, even if they have a negligible amount of debt that they owe to their current supplier, which could ultimately result in them not having any debts at all because they’re paying less for their energy costs.

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