Is the Colour Of My Roof Important?

Global warming is a big problem. Activists and scientists are constantly striving to find new ways to combat the issue but did you know that white roofs can minimise global warming? It has been revealed that white roofs in north-east India reflect the sun more, helping to cut carbon emissions.

It was claimed that the extra light reflected from white roofs decreased cloud cover, therefore increasing global warming however, a new study carried out in South Asia shows that they do reduce absorbed radiation.

The tile colour on your roof is more important than you originally thought. It’s not just key in determining the appearance of the property but also the property’s sustainability.

Black is a popular roofing material because it looks aesthetically-pleasing nonetheless, lighter-coloured roofs really are better for energy-efficiency.

What’s wrong with black roofs?

  • They are not energy efficient
  • Utility bills are higher due to heat wastage

But what if I don’t like white?

You don’t necessarily have to have a white roof to improve your property’s carbon footprint. Medium-coloured roofs such as tan or grey are also beneficial and they look fantastic.

Painting your roof a light colour is as environmentally-friendly as taking cars off the roads for half a century?

Albedo is a measure of the reflectivity of the earth’s surface and it is calculated on a scale of zero to one. Increasing the albedo can decrease the temperature in the atmosphere, as 1.0 is completely reflective. Towns that have light-coloured roofs and pavements can increase their albedo by about 10%.

How can I balance proficiency with style?

It is possible to choose a roof tile that is stylish as well as energy-efficient. Do your research and find a middle ground; it will keep your house warm, the residents dry, and reduce your carbon footprint.

Now you realise the importance of the colour of your roof, next time you need to replace some roof tiles, why not consider investing in lighter-coloured material. Broken slates are renowned at this time of year due to the gale force winds and heavy snow, so if you experience some repair/replacement work, there is no better time than now to go ‘green’.

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