Electricity Cost Saving Web Sites

There certainly is a lot of electricity cost saving information available through Internet web sites.

There is also a lot of noise.

It also seems that while the national pastime is complaining about politics, the weather, and our electric bill, for most of us that is as far as it goes.

Most of us know a lot of ways to reduce our home’s electricity usage but stop thinking about these money saving actions we can take a mere minutes after we get the electric bill.

Sponsors of Electricity Cost Saving Web Sites

Web sites with information to help you save money through providing recommended electricity cost saving ideas for you to use seem to come from a few different types of organizations:

Public Utility Web Sites

These are organizations which actually sell you or distribute to you the electricity used in your home. Why would they want to help you lower the amount of money you pay them by reducing the amount of electricity you use?

For some it is nothing more than attempting to give the public appearance of caring.

For others, it is because it will cost them less to have you use less than having to spend billions of dollars in constructing new power generating stations.

Included in this grouping can be government run web sites with ideas to help its citizenry to reduce its household energy costs. One such example of this is the Natural Resources Canada’s Energy Saving web site.

Corporate Web Sites

Many companies which are in the business of selling products or services which will directly or indirectly help you reduce your electric bill also have pages on their web sites with electricity cost savings ideas unrelated to their specific product or service offerings.

The same goes for companies which have nothing directly to do with the energy sector.

For these organizations it usually is to help you think that they care about the bigger picture so you think more kindly of them and just might buy their product.

Yet, these web sites can contain useful information; one such example is ScotiaBank’s EcoLiving web site.

Blogger Web Sites

Then there are web sites run by bloggers who simply write about their own energy saving related experiences.

One such example is the DailyHomeRenoTips.com web site, operating since 2007, which contains both a 500+ energy and water saving tips collection as well as numerous green actions articles on different products (like solar air heater, solar charged lawn mower, LED light bulbs) used in their home or actions taken (like home energy audit and sealing air leaks) to reduce energy and water used in the home.

Yes, blogger web sites may have advertisements on them, yet there is there is nothing wrong with this. It does take time and money to host and operate. So, if you find yourself on a web site you like which has ads on it you can show your support by visiting one or two of the sponsor ads to help the web site out.

Types of Electricity Cost Saving Web Sites

From our research, web sites with information on how you can reduce the size of your electric bill seem to have their information organized into the following three ways.

Detailed Electricity Cost Savings Information

These web sites provide detailed information on the different actions you can take and the different products and services you can use in your home to reduce your electric bill.

Such web sites can be very useful if you have never really tried to lower your household’s electric bill.

One such web site, OntarioRenters.ca, has not only electricity saving information but other useful information, even if a bit dated, about renting.

Summary Electricity Cost Savings Information

What if you already know how to save electricity and do not want to to spend hours and hours weeding your way through the massive amounts of verbiage within the detailed electricity cost savings web sites?

Well, there are web sites with pages such as DailyHomeRenoTips.com’s Green Savings web page which simply lists more than 530 ways to reduce all forms of energy and water used in the home.

Such a massive collection can be a little intimidating. Other sites include web pages like SavingsGrid.com’s Electricity Savings page which is a portal into hundreds of ways to lower the electricity used in your home. This site also has pages grouping these hundreds of money saving ideas into much smaller collections such as free (i.e. cost nothing to use) electricity cost savings tips or electricity cost saving habits.

They even break down such useful cost savings collections into even more manageable listings by area of the home (kitchen) or activity (cooking).

Social Media Web Sites

There are also some (but sadly only a few) social media type of web sites which try to get people involved in helping each other reduce electricity costs; one example is the The-Green-Group.com’s Linked-In social web site.

Your Favorite Electricity Cost Savings Web Sites

In this article we have provided you with some of our favorite electricity cost savings web sites. I hope you visit at least some of them to help you lower your electric bill and save you money.

Yet, there are many, many more such web sites.

Which are your favorite web sites to visit that have useful ways to lower your home’s electric bill?

Please tell us so we can all start to visit them.

Yes, you can even tell us if you are the organization who owns or runs the web site.

Simply leave a comment below telling us about the electricity saving web site, what it is about and why you like it.


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