30 Easy Ways To Reduce Your Home Electric Bill

When was the last time your electric rates went down?

Of course our electric rates keep rising.

So, what are you going to do about it? Can you somehow pay lower electric rates?

Not likely, unless you take out a second mortgage and have solar panels installed on your roof.

So, what are you going to do about it?

I hope your answer is not ‘Just keep paying more money for my electricity.’; it doesn’t have to be this way.

It is Actually Easy To Lower Your Monthly Electric Bills

You hear a lot about some new device which you can buy which supposedly will cut your electric bill; and some of them may work.

Yet, why make things so complex?

What you rarely hear about are the many different ways to stop wasting electricity in the your own home which are very easy to do.

Few people write about these ways because they are boring, dull, and to them not news worthy.

It is so easy to forget about all of these boring, dull, yet very easy ways to lower one’s electric bill by reducing the amount of electricity actually used in your home.

It truly is easy to lower your electric bill.

All it takes is a little action on your part.

30 Easy Electricity Saving Actions

Here are thirty different ways you can reduce the amount of electricity used in your own home which are very easy to do.

See which ideas from the list below you could use in your own home to save yourself some money.

Here is the first set of 10 easy actions to lower your electric bill:

1. Put your microwave on a switched outlet.

2. Put your printer on its sleep mode.

3. Put your scanner on its sleep mode.

4. Raise the interior temperature of your freezer.

5. Raise the interior temperature of your refrigerator.

6. Refrigerators with freezer sections on the top or bottom are preferred over those with side freezer areas.

7. Remove dry clothes before the end of the dryer’s cycle completes.

8. Remove one light bulb from your garage door opener.

9. Replace making toast with having bread or dry cereal for breakfast.

10. Rotate charging cordless phones in only one charger base.

Here is the second set of ten easy actions to take to lower your electric bill month after month:

11. Shut off the main breaker when leaving your house.

12. Soak your dishes in the sink overnight.

13. Solar charged lawn mower should be used in place of gas powered mowers.

14. Solar garden lights should be used in place of those connected to the home’s electrical outlets.

15. Solar powered Christmas lights should be used in place of those connected to the home’s electrical outlets..

16. Table lamps should be used vs. ceiling lights.

17. Take all meal items from the refrigerator at once.

18. Use a timer on Christmas lights.

19. Use the toaster vs. the electric oven for small meals.

20. Transfer several days of food from the freezer to the refrigerator.

And, here is the last set of ten easy ways to save money from lowering our electric bill:

21. Turn off all electrical appliances before going to bed.

22. Turn off all appliances and computers when leaving the room.

23. Turn off electric fans when no one is in the room.

24. Turn off your game console When Finished.

25. Turn off your home office equipment when not in use

26. Turn off the lights when leaving the house.

27. Turn off the lights when leaving the room.

28. Turn off the lights when not needed.

29. Turn off the lights while watching TV.

30. Turn off the TV (e.g. read, go out).

This collection of 30 easy money saving ways to reduce your electric usage and thus your electric bill are just the tip of the iceberg.

Start taking action now and start keeping more of your money.

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