20 Easy Cooking Related Air Conditioning Savings Ideas

How much impact does cooking in your home have on your air conditioning bill?

Have you ever thought about it?

It can have a huge impact.

Any time you use any appliance which generates heat, from the toaster to the burners on the stove to the oven, you are not only cooking your food but you are also increasing the temperature of the air inside your home.

And, when ever and how ever you increase the air temperature inside your home you will be forcing your window or central air conditioner to run longer and more often which of course uses electricity to cost you money from higher summer electric bills.

Are there many ways related to cooking your meals at home which you can use to reduce its impact on your air conditioning bill? Yes, there are.

Is it hard to make small adjustments in how one prepares and cooks home meals to reduce the impact on the inside air’s temperature? No, it is not.

Easy Cooking Related Air Conditioning Savings

What follows  are twenty different and related ways to help lower your air conditioning bills this summer from various activities related to cooking meals in your home.

Each of these are easy for you to do.

Each of these are easy for others in your home to also do; you simply need to tell them.

Each of these are easy for your friends and family to start doing as well; again, you simply need to tell them to come visit the SavingsGrid  to look for this article.

1 BBQ with Charcoal in Summer
2 Cook Consecutive Meals In Oven for Later
3 Cook Weekday Dinners on Weekend
4 Cook With Full Oven
5 Cut Food Into Small Pieces Before Cooking
6 Don’t Boil More Water than Needed
7 Double Recipe & Freeze Balance for Later
8 Drink Ice Water vs Using Air Conditioner
9 Keep Oven Door Closed After Baking
10 Minimize Oven Preheating
11 Reduce Opening Oven During Baking
12 Right Size Pot To Cooking Need
13 T-FAL Frying Pans
14 Thaw Frozen Food Before Cooking
15 Turn Off Stove Before Finishing Cooking
16 Use Crock Pot vs Oven
17 Use Flat-Bottom Pans
18 Use Leftover Oven Heat as Food Warmer
19 Use Lids on Pots To Reduce Cooking Time
20 Use Microwave vs Stove for Hot Water for Tea


So, which of the above twenty air conditioning saving actions are you already taking consistently to help lower your air conditioning bills?

What other easy actions related to cooking are you using that you can tell us about?

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